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Experience firsthand the total quality of life

Living in the Crown Jewel of the Last Best Place in America

Northwest Montana, specifically beautiful Flathead County, gateway to Glacier National Park, offers an unique, quality lifestyle.  Since the horrific events of September 11, 2001, in New York City and Washington, D.C., total quality of life has become an important issue for all levels of American society.  Many American "Baby Boomer" families are now seeking the higher quality of life associated with smaller towns.  They see this as a way to rid themselves of the many negative issues present in the larger, metropolitan cities.

Do you share this dream for yourself and your family?

MDA-Development offers a totally unique professional approach to make your dreams a reality.  We understand and analyze the total client-needs of your individual unique lifestyle.  MDA-Development blends both eastern and western design philosophies to create a totally harmonious, prosperous environment for you.  

To this end, we utilize design elements popularized by the late visionary architect, Frank Lloyd Wright.  This master architect was among the first American design professionals to understand and appreciate the need to blend the cultures to create an harmonious environment.  We utilize an unique blend of cultural design elements to create a balanced, harmonious, success-enhancing environment specifically designed to meet your needs! 

Undoubtedly, quality of life is a concept unique to each person.  Whatever your dream of quality of life may be, there are specific quality-of-life indicators that help to quantify this concept as uniquely your own.  These indicators are essential to be able to monitor and report progress toward sustainable development.  Sustainable development, in turn, permits quality of life to be molded into the specifics of your ideal lifestyle.   

These quality-of-life indicators encompass the three pillars of sustainable development -- social progress, economic growth and environmental protection.  These social, economic and environmental elements include basic, everyday concerns -- concerns such as health, jobs, crime, air quality, traffic, housing, educational opportunities, wildlife and economic prosperity.

MDA-Development utilizes these factors to create designs that fit YOUR desired quality of life.  We design to meet your needs for low crime and traffic, for abundant health, for high air quality, for breath-taking natural-settings, and for exquisite housing.

Perfectly dove-tailing with these design-criteria is the geographic setting of Kalispell, Montana.  Kalispell is a small-town, in a spectacular natural setting.  Its spacious environment is ideal to satisfy your social, economic and environmental concerns.

Kalispell has low levels of crime, pollution and traffic, PLUS high levels of air quality. wildlife and healthy living.   At the same time, Kalispell has already in place all the required amenities for a higher quality of life -- first-class hospital facilities, transportation, shopping, education, even an international airport -- whatever your needs, you will find them here!

MOUNTAIN Sports & Living Magazine has rated Kalispell, Montana, as the Number 1 city in America on their "10 Best Mountain Towns List."   Kalispell is listed ahead of premier destinations such as Aspen, Vail, Telluride, and Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  For more details, click here.    

Is this what you have been dreaming of ... for yourself and your family?  NOW, it can all be YOURS!  Come, experience for yourself -- firsthand -- the TOTAL QUALITY OF LIFE! 


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