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MDA-Development utilizes the existing beauty of the environment to create a natural, peaceful setting.  Against the backdrop of enhanced Asian landscaping techniques, our uniquely-designed structures are displayed.  

The settings for each structure are selected to convey a feeling of serenity and tranquility.  This atmosphere is enhanced  by the use of heavily- forested garden-settings, as are seen in the ancient practice of Asian Feng Shui design.  

Then, we add our approach of bringing the outside environment into the structures.   As a result, the outside becomes a part of the structure's interior.  

At MDA-Development, our architectural concept blends both eastern and western design- philosophies.  As an example of this, native rock has been used as cast-in-place concrete for the main, or lowest, level of our structures.

This is done for several reasons, chief of which is to create a natural-appearing structure to blend into the native environment.  In addition, this approach serves an essential safety function -- it creates a fire-resistant portion of the structure to protect the residents in the unlikely event of forest fire.

We then construct all levels above the main/base level from high-quality, western cedar.  The structures have double-paned, insulated, glass wall-systems to maximize the exquisite, natural views.  These levels also have Japanese-style decorative baked-enamel  metal roofs that appear as "aged copper," with a bluish-green hue.  

Our rooflines, and roofing systems, are very distinctive.  The roofing systems are designed to be works of art, rather than just  methods to keep the exterior elements separated from the interior elements.

Overhanging, tiered rooflines allow weather-protection for the exterior balconies and walkways.  Hence, you, the client, have the freedom to utilize the outdoors in relative comfort, even on the coldest of days.

This also provides a very safe and efficient method to bring the outside elements into the structure.  It provides you, our client, with excellent viewing opportunity in all directions to alleviate the potential for "Cabin fever."  

Our metal-roof design and construction are consistent with fire-resistive technology for structures built within natural forested settings.  Even though all structures bear this blended architectural theme, each has its own sense of identity and uniqueness ... by design.

Our goal is to work in depth WITH you, our client, to analyze your individual lifestyle.  We use this information to create a structure that is designed and constructed to FIT your particular lifestyle and personal tastes.  At the same time, we incorporate our own unique blend of eastern and western design philosophies as the central theme of the overall development.

"We shape our buildings, thereafter they shape us"

Sir Winston Churchill

At MDA-Development, we utilize great care in creating an environment that connects the exterior to the interior.  This allows an harmonious flow of the universal life-force energy known as KI to the Japanese culture, or CHI to the Chinese culture.  

Today, many clients of Asian-decent firmly believe that their fortunes are greatly enhanced, or diminished, by the way universal life-forces are directed in and throughout their structures.  For design professionals to provide good service to their clients, these factors must be taken into account.     

At MDA, we utilize the ancient Chinese art of "Feng Shui" to develop unique site-orientation and architectural features.  These are then used in conjunction with the needs, desires, and individual lifestyles of you, our client.  Feng Shui -- the pattern of wind and water -- is the Taoist art and science of living in harmony with the environment.

The famous American architect Frank Lloyd Wright was very much influenced by the Asian cultures.  This is evidenced abundantly in his works.  It is also reflected in a quotation displayed in the auditorium at the Taliesin West architectural-design-school located north of Scottsdale, Arizona.  The quote, "A House?  Walls cut by doors and windows! Yet, its empty space makes it useful." is from the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu, the oldest work identified with the Chinese school called "Taoism."   

TAO TE CHING means "The classic of the way and its power."  Taoism has three branches in China:  philosophy, mystical practice, and religion.  Feng Shui has deep roots  in Taoism, in all three of these schools. 

Feng Shui was first practiced in ancient China.  At that time, the people were mainly agriculturists.  To these people, wind and water were very powerful natural forces that could either destroy or nurture their crops.  When there was a devastating wind, their crops would be destroyed.  But, with constant rainfall, their crops would grow and they would benefit from a good harvest.

Hence, Feng Shui deals with living in harmony with the natural environment and tapping the goodness of nature to benefit man.  For centuries, the Asian people have relied upon Feng Shui to design cities, build homes, and bury their dead.  It is a part of their everyday living.  

It is widely believed and accepted in the Asian cultures that one's fortunes, including the health of the occupants, can be greatly enhanced or diminished by one's use of Feng Shui principles.  This relates not only to commercial and industrial facilities, but also to one's own business and primary residence.   

Today, with the increased focus on "quality of life" in our American families, the need for living in total harmony with the environment is also coming into increased focus.  As this need becomes more important to the architectural client, it, likewise, increases in importance to the architect-designer and developer.  Today, Architects, Real Estate Professionals, Business owners and Homeowners alike are becoming aware of this once-obscure Asian art and science.  They are looking more seriously into how the principles of Feng Shui can -- and do -- affect them.

The business community consults Feng Shui Masters before choosing offices and business locations.  Homeowners rely upon Feng Shui to find an existing home for sale.  Homeowners also have their Feng Shui Master consult with their architect in the design of a new home that will give their family health and prosperity.

At MDA-Development, we bring extensive experience and expertise in the areas of Feng Shui design -- with special emphasis on harmony and balance -- to you, our client.  We will include in your design the essential attitude and important facets of Feng Shui to compliment your individual needs and those of your family.  


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