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Boorman Peak Estates Design Theme

"Quality of Life and Lifestyle"

"You can choose to live today, where Eagles play"

The design theme for the BOORMAN Peak Estates Development is based upon that of a total- quality lifestyle.  MDA-Development accomplishes this though a blend of eastern and western architectural styles.  We utilize ancient Feng Shui Design Principles to enhance the natural beauty and splendor of the existing surroundings, and to ensure the prosperity, peace, and harmony of you, the occupants.

Consistent architectural themes have been utilized on all structures within the Boorman Peak Estates Development to ensure overall site-design continuity.  This does not mean that every structure will look alike.  Quite on the contrary!  What it means is that MDA-Development has made a concerted effort to carry a central theme throughout the development.  For example, all structures have the very-distinctive, tiered, overhanging rooflines, similar in design to that of traditional Japanese architecture of long ago.  

These roofs are constructed of decorative "baked-enamel" sheet metal in a bluish-green color to resemble the look of aged copper.  Using real aged-copper would be cost prohibitive, as both materials and workmanship are extremely expensive .  The overhanging decorative-metal, wind-swept tiered, sloping roofs create the illusion of an Asian influence.  In addition, this roof-design offers a high level of fire resistance -- an essential feature for structures built in heavily-forested settings where there exists the potential of forest fires.

The Asian influence also dictates great care regarding how the structure is situated, or positioned, on the particular parcel.  Site-orientation is supremely important to maximize your, the owner's, viewing pleasure of this incredibly beautiful land.  It is also important for the "feng-shui" design- principles involved.  Feng-Shui is a method used to balance the universal-energy life-force known as  Ki to the Japanese culture and as Chi to that of the Chinese.  To learn more about the principles of Feng-Shui, click here.

Another example of utilizing a consistent theme throughout the development is our use, on the lowest course of each structure, of a very artistic-form of cast-in-place concrete/native rock walls.  The native rocks to be utilized are found on-site.  MDA-Development's use of on-site materials helps to blend the lowest course of the structure more effectively into its natural setting.  Frank Lloyd Wright used a very similar technique on some of his more outstanding single-family residences.  In addition, our use of rock provides additional fire-resistance elements and a higher level of thermal-protection for the extremes of summer and winter. 

To further carry out this theme of consistency, MDA-Development has used high-quality, "kiln-dried," natural cedar-wood on the exterior and the interior of our structures for all courses above the base course.  We also use extensive thermal-efficient glazing throughout the entire Boorman Peak Estates Development.  This allows you, the owner, to benefit from natural day-lighting principles within your structure.

Boorman Peak Estates is a totally-gated community with electronically-activated security gates.  These gates remain closed at all times to restrict access to non-authorized persons.  In addition, an intercom system with remote access is provided to allow your guests access only to your residence.  

At MDA-Development, we are concerned with your comfort and your safety.  We have put extensive thought, attention and care into designing features into Boorman Peak Estates Development that ensure that you will rest -- comfortably and safely -- in the residence of your dreams.   

LOCATION:  Boorman Peak Estates Development is located at 1550 Ashley Lake Road, Kalispell, Montana  59901.  The entrance to the site is 9.1 miles from the center of Kalispell, Montana.  It is approximately 4.5 miles from the western City Limits boundary on US 2 west.  

The property is on the eastern side of Boorman Peak with beautiful, sunny, southeastern views into the "Spotted Bear Wilderness."   It is just south of Glacier National Park, and the start of the Mission Mountains.  It boasts Blacktail Mountain and Ski Resort to the south; Big Mountain Ski Resort, to the north.

Its legal description is Section 22, Township 28 North, Range 23 West, Flathead County, Montana, USA.  Specifically, the North Half of the Northwest Quarter, West Half of the Northwest Quarter, Northeast Quarter.  100 acres.

The site entrance of Boorman Peak Estates Development is North 48 Degrees, 10 Minutes, 52 seconds Latitude, and West 114 Degrees, 30 Minutes, 11 Seconds Longitude.  

ELEVATION DATA:  Elevation at the entrance of Boorman Peak Estates Development is 3,740 ft. USC&GS.  It rises to 4,800 ft. at the western property line.  The top of Boorman Peak is 5,385 ft.  The center of Kalispell is 2,960 ft.


  • 2 AIRPORTS -- Glacier International Airport (5 Miles from Kalispell) and a private airport just south of downtown Kalispell.  Glacier International Airport is serviced by Delta, Northwest, Alaska and Big Sky Airlines.

  • RAIL transportation -- passenger & freight.

  • BUS transportation.

  • 2 SHOPPING MALLS -- one downtown Kalispell and one on US2 West.  In addition, there is a third shopping mall currently being planned for northeastern Kalispell.

  • 2 SKI RESORTS -- The Big Mountain Ski Resort in Whitefish (15 miles north) and Blacktail Mountain Ski Area in Lakeside (15 miles south).

  • GLACIER NATIONAL PARK is 35 miles due east.  The park is only accessible in the summer months.

  • FLATHEAD LAKE is 15 miles south.  Flathead Lake is the largest fresh water lake on the western side of the Mississippi River.

  • OUTDOOR RECREATION is abundant.

  • MEDICAL FACILITIES -- Kalispell Regional Medical Center.

  • SCHOOLS -- good primary & secondary education system; plus Flathead Valley Community College/MSU Extension.

  • Kalispell & Glacier International Airport are ACCESSIBLE year round.

  • WILDLIFE is abundant:  Boorman Peak Estates Development is a generous home to Moose, Elk, Deer, Turkey, Grouse and Eagles.

  • FISHING opportunities are abundant.


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