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QUALITY of Design & Construction is the primary concern and focus of MDA-Development.  It is our firm belief that if we consistently deliver a far superior product in both design and construction than our competitors then and only then will we be accomplishing our "Mission Statement" to provide a quality product at a competitive price.

We believe that TOTAL QUALITY and DESIGN begin and end with MDA-Development.       

Since its inception, MDA-Development has always worked hard to provide a full-service, complete Design Build process for our diversified upscale clients. Our involvement in the development, design and construction industry includes everything from being the developing entity, professional design consultant to managing and controlling the contractors and their subcontractors, coordinating the design and construction phase of a project to complete a quality project on time and within the client's budget constraints.

We approach every project as a challenge   and opportunity to satisfy and express the needs of the client from a functional yet aesthetic viewpoint. We have the unique experience of blending planning information and client objectives to produce a creative solution to complex construction problems.

The construction response to a client's needs must be carefully coordinated with other important considerations involving site restriction, orientation, relation to existing structures, pedestrian and vehicular traffic requirements, and budget limitations.

It has been our experience, that when construction materials and techniques are carefully considered in the design phase, a project of quality, functionality and durability with minimal maintenance can be achieved to produce outstanding results. Such buildings will not only serve the client's needs, but will exemplify the pride an owner feels about the project he has completed.


MDA-Development only utilizes the very best general contractors and subcontractors in the particular geographical area of the project who have been pre-qualified by MDA-Development utilizing consistent aia methodology, this includes the use of the aia A-305 document stating, as well as certifying the contractors qualifications to be considered for the scope of the project.  

MDA-Development fully realizes that there are many contractors who claim to be quality oriented.  MDA-Development's contractors have proven this many times on repeated projects.

MDA-Development's contractors and their subcontractors are totally evaluated upon their financial solvency, professional competency and past performance on similar projects, as well as reviewing all professional and financial references given.  MDA-Development encourages and challenges the contractor's higher quality tradesman within their respective trades to provide the highest quality of construction possible.   

MDA-Development has learned many years ago the difficulty in seeking and obtaining the lowest competitive bid for their quality projects.  At the same time MDA-Development is highly motivated in controlling the cost of the project to ensure that their client's truly get as much "bang for the buck" as humanly possible.  

MDA-Development has also learned the importance of proper project design and construction documents, and for that primary reason executes all contracts and project documents in a manner consistent with the aia (American Institute of Architects) and the csi (Construction Specifications Institute).  The bidding process is a very important part of the project and much care is taken to ensure the highest level of professionalism from the successful bidders and their subsequent subcontractors and suppliers, and to bring the project in on time and budget for the clients.

MDA-Development has also learned the importance of being on-site to coordinate the many facets of design and construction.  Even though our contractors have their own supervision staff on site, MDA-Development has always believed in an on-site presence in order to minimize any potential confusion on the contractors workforce part as to the intent of the documents, or to direct the tradesmen in a particular unique detail proprietary to that structure.  

This is done to minimize any field directed change orders by the contractor, and to ensure that the entire project will be brought in on time, and within budget.  We feel that we have an excellent working relationship with our contractors by allowing them to do what they do best which is to build a quality product.  We are left to do what we do best which is to design a total quality product for our clients.  Then managing and overseeing every aspect of the construction project through final inspection and issuance of the certificate of occupancy.


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