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Just what is DESIGN BUILD?

Traditionally, the term "Design-Build" has referred to an approach to construction whereby the contractor is responsible for both the design and the construction of an entire project.   The traditional Design-Build contractor would employ design-personnel to design the project; then his own construction work-forces would build it accordingly.  In this approach, the contractor is totally responsible for any/all design and construction decisions.  With one person at the hub, this allows enhanced communication between design personnel and construction work-forces.  This, in turn, saves time and money for both the contractor and clients.

MDA-Development's version of "Design-Build" is slightly different.  In our approach to Design-Build, both the design element and the construction are controlled by the design professionals who already own and have worked the land.  It is the construction of the project that is "bid out."  

We have solid working-relationships with many high quality, financially solvent, respected general contractors and subcontractors who do the actual construction.  MDA-Development solicits competitive bids from these pre-qualified general contractors.  We believe it is better to let us do what we do BEST -- namely, to design the project, then manage and oversee the contractor and his forces as they do the actual construction.  In this process, MDA-Development assumes the leadership role and has full responsibility to you, the owner,  for all decisions regarding the entire project.

MDA-Development provides a one-stop approach to your construction needs:  land, design and on-site project management of all details through construction.  Our Design-Build methodology allows total and complete control over a building-project from concept, to blueprints, to construction and, finally, to occupancy.  Hence, effective communication is insured.  You have ONE Design-Build entity, serving as the hub, to whom to express your project needs.  We are a true Design-Build organization which incorporates an integrated approach to design and construction, from beginning to end, bringing value and quality to your own, unique project.

We care.  We realize that your project is one of the most important financial investments in your life!  We pride ourselves on making certain that we represent you in the most methodical, professional manner possible.   Doing so ensures you the highest quality within the construction industry and protects you, the owner, from costly overruns.  We accomplish this high quality primarily through the enhanced communication which using the single-hub, Design-Build approach allows.  

At MDA-Development, we already own the land.  We have invested substantially to establish a solid infrastructure for the project -- providing  the utilities, roads, retention basins or ponds, as well as engineering and manicuring the building-areas.  All of this with the express purpose to provide you with an already-prepared base on which to construct the design that best fits your needs. 

Then we provide you with a full range of professional design-services.  Working as a team with you, we design your single-family residence to meet your total project specifications ... plus your needs and wants!  It is our wish and delight to work with you to make this your dream residence!

In our many years of experience in the design-build construction arena, our professional design staff has worked on complexes ranging from very-complicated, high-technology industrial projects to upscale commercial buildings to unique, upscale single-family residential structures.  We can assure you that each of these MDA-Development projects have been treated with the same attention to detail.

Then, once you have settled on a design that encompasses your complete specifications, we totally field-manage the project for you.  In other words, we provide Design Phase Analysis and Cost Estimating to you.  We carefully investigate and choose any and all general contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers.  We award contracts to those who can best assist us to ensure the success of your project, issuing AIA-formatted documents and contracts to the successful general contractor.  We administer these contracts and communicate frequently with you, the owners.  We review and approve the general contractor's complete list of sub-contractors before allowing the work-force to mobilize on your site.  We watch over each additional phase during the complete construction of your structure with equal care and attention.    

Hence, we do not leave you to flounder in the details.  We handle the details for you.  We even take care of interacting with any/all jurisdictional agencies that are involved, from the permitting process through final inspections.  Nor do we allow errors and omissions in the construction documents to cost you money.  Having designed your entire project, we are in the best possible position to know the precise intent of the contract documents.  We will fight FOR YOU to avoid spurious cost overruns.  

At MDA-Development, we are extremely creative and innovative.  We stay on the cutting edge of technology, we are aware of new products as they come on the scene and incorporate these products into your project, where beneficial to do so.  All of this culminates to create a successful realization of our primary service-goal:  We specialize in providing "on time" completion in a cost-effective manner and in creating client-satisfaction through professional, quality workmanship.

Because of our commitment to quality, we take on only a few projects each year.  By limiting our workload, we are able to provide you with better and more-personal services.  At MDA-Development, we firmly believe that the timely completion of a few, well-managed projects with exquisite care to detail makes us both come out WINNERS! 


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