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"Only when the last tree has been cut down.  Only when the last river has been poisoned.  Only after the last fish has been caught.  Only then, will you find that money cannot be eaten"

Cree Indian Prophecy

MDA Development's environmental concept creates a focal plan to enhance what mother nature has already done so well over the many years.  

This concept is to blend the total development of the entire 100 acre parcel with the existing beautiful natural settings.  

We firmly endeavor NOT to create any drastic change in the existing ecosystems; systems which have worked so well for many years.  We will however endeavor to correct any site flaws with sound environmental design decisions.

MDA Development is dedicated to the protection and development of the Riparian Wetland areas, numerous artesian springs, retention basins and ponds.  These areas are a primary water source for the numerous species of wildlife that exist in these areas, such as Whitetail Deer, Elk, Moose, Grouse and Wild Turkey.  The entire site is home to the Bald Eagle and can be viewed circling overhead in pairs in their native habitat.

MDA Development has generated and obtained an official Approved "Stewardship Plan" for the Boorman Peak Development Project in its entirety.  MDA Development continues to stay abreast of environmental issues with continuing education classes through UM/Missoula and MSU/Forestry Extension, USDA and many other sources.  

The above noted stewardship plan is now a national model sponsored by the State of Montana to inventory, assess all forested property assets/liabilities, such as timber, water and minerals.  It teaches just how to manage these many assets in a responsible manner.

Selective logging or thinning of the existing heavily treed environment is done to open the tree crowns up to receive more sunlight for enhanced growth of the remaining trees.  It is also necessary to remove any diseased tree to protect and enhance the health of the remaining trees.  The removal of slash and some natural debris is necessary for fire reduction purpose.

The selected building pad areas have been groomed and trees selectively thinned out to enhance viewing areas as well as to reduce potential forest fire danger within the selected building sites, and to protect from erosion and obnoxious weeds.

Native grasses have been planted on all disturbed areas to prevent soil erosion,  control of obnoxious weeds, as well as for the many wildlife species to enjoy.  MDA Development's intent is to return all the building sites and disturbed areas to as close as it reasonably can to native conditions.

RETENTION Basins/Ponds have now been created to capture the run-off water from the many existing artesian springs as a source of water for wildlife as well as for recreational purpose.  

The Boorman Peak Estates site is home to native White Tail Deer, Elk, Moose, Grouse, Wild Turkey and Bald Eagles, who can be seen often circling overhead in pairs hunting for their prey.  


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