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MDA-Development Tools of the Trade MDA-Development uses up-to-date in-house computers with customizable software  programs for  budget cost estimating. Because of our past experience of buildings which we have built, we understand just what construction methods and materials can best be utilized to keep a project within budget constraints without compromising quality.  Our participation in the total design of the project provides a method for us to implement these cost saving techniques and materials into each and every project we undertake.

To keep the all our projects competitively priced, MDA-Development then solicits solid subcontract bids through the various building trades from our pre-qualified Contractors and Subcontractors list chosen prior by MDA-Development and the clients.  These bids are reviewed in depth by MDA-Development to ensure an "apples to apples" analysis and then presented to the client before final determinations are made as to which contractors and subcontractors will be involved with the project.

MDA-Development closely guards the design and construction change order process which is essential to the financial success of the project for both the client and MDA-Development as well.  MDA-Development works well with their clients in communicating the potential of costly overuns in both the design and actual construction phases of the project.  Since we control the design aspects of the project, and the client approves, and/or disapproves certain design aspects we are in a better position to advise the client immediately as to the total ramification of certain decisions on their part.  Sometimes MDA-Development's design staff needs to re-evaluate certain design considerations based upon solid local contractor and subcontractor data to ensure on time delivery of a total quality product for our clients.  Our clients are always involved in the process to the extent they wish to be.

MDA-Development has found that our clients are very interested in time and money which are very precious commodities to the client and MDA-Development as well.  In the past we have found that if we inform our clients better as to their rights, roles and responsibilities in the total design and construction process we can eliminate many costly design change orders, errors and omissions.  We have also found that with increased direction and solid communication with our construction forces and our clients as well, we can control and eliminate many construction change orders.  

We advise our clients fully as to the change order process within the construction industry so as to minimize any changes by the client after the contract documents have been executed and the contractors forces have mobilized on site.  It should be noted that this process goes hand-in-hand in monitoring and controlling schedule slippage.


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