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Elements of JAPANESE Architecture

Presentation is the key when it comes to any Asian architecture, this is especially true of Japanese architecture.  Beauty, balance and harmony are the end result of properly applied Feng Shui design principles.

The use of water to enhance the presentation is an often overlooked siting consideration by western architects, however remain vitally important to the their eastern counterparts, especially those possessing the Feng Shui design skills.  Please note the tiered sweeping rooflines that presents a strong fortress-like structure with gentle harmonious design lines.


The roofline is the most overlooked item in american architecture today, as most american's think of roofs as merely functional, Asian cultures believe they should be works of art and utilized for channeling of the universal life force known as KI to the Japanese culture.   

Landscaping is another important design element in the overall scheme of achieving total peace and harmony within the total project design by creating balance of the design elements.     




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