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MDA-Development uses CPM, critical path method, and Gant, Pert bar graph scheduling on in-house computers for project planning. We not only schedule the work to be done, but also pre-schedule reviews and meetings with the client so that construction time is not lost while waiting for periodic reviews or meetings.  

This is also done to ensure the availability and on time delivery of occasional long lead items, or proprietary components that could adversely impact the completion of the project on schedule.  Contractors, subcontractors and their suppliers have a vital role in this process also.

Schedules are updated as often as necessary to cope with unforeseen contingencies and to assist the office and staff of the project to comply with client schedules. The use of computer systems for fast track scheduling of projects has been very successful.

We firmly believe in setting and meeting tight schedules. We have organized ourselves for this objective in a manner which has been very successful for us on other projects.  MDA-Development has always met the scheduled time constraints in both the design phase as well as the construction phases of their many heretofore complicated industrial, commercial and upscale residential projects. 

MDA-Development utilizes enhanced communication between the clients, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers as well as any and all appropriate jurisdictional agencies involved to ensure a timely completion of their projects.  This communication process is especially important to the clients in the change order process.  MDA-Development fully advises their clients of the contractors change order process, so as to minimize any lost time and direction to the specific contractors involved.  

MDA-Development also believes in solid working relationships with their contractors and many subcontractors, and subsequent suppliers in order to fully satisfy the contract schedule commitments.  it is primarily for this reason that only the very best contractors are even invited to participate in the project.  Even so, they are also fully scrutinized to ensure financial solvency, technical competence and on-time performance.


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