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MDA-Development unique approach to problem solving has allowed us the opportunity to create many unusual day lighting applications for our upscale clients over the many years.  

MDA-Development utilizes natural day lighting theory to bring the outside into the living area with the use of thermal efficient glazing.  Observe the warmth and feeling created by the use of the high quality cedar and the heavily forested setting.    


A nice secure atmosphere is created by the heavily wooded setting while the use of highly thermal efficient ultraviolet resistant triple paned glazing on solid wall panels as well as roof panels.  This swimming pool can be utilized year round regardless of the location and weather conditions.

The issue of total privacy is controlled by the landscaping feature provided in the total design as well as how the structure was positioned on this particular piece of property.  



How a structure is positioned on a particular piece of property is more than just creating a nice view to be enjoyed for their clients.  

MDA-Development enjoys the challenge of blending in the architectural features and elements of the structure into the surrounding environment so that it is absorbed into the parcel and not merely placed upon it.      

MDA-Development also feels that the day lighting principles should be applied to other areas of the structure, rather than just the traditional primary viewing areas associated with western architecture.

MDA-Development also believes strongly in the selection and balance of lighter natural colors to enhance the amount of natural light that is reflected back from the natural colors.      


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