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Who are we? and what makes us so special in the DESIGN/BUILD ARENA?

MDA, Ltd, dba MDA-Development, is an Arizona-based Corporation incorporated in 1995.  Our primary offices are located at One E. Camelback Rd., Suite #550 in Phoenix, AZ  85012.  Prior to 1995, the design/build principal of MDA was chief staff-architect for a very large international corporation.  As such, design-focus included not only High Technology but also Aerospace, in both military and private sectors.  Corporate projects included upscale, high-rise corporate office-buildings; central plant facilities (with extensive primary services and associated underground utility tunnels); high technology aerospace testing facilities;
sophisticated testing laboratories; manufacturing facilities; 
waste treatment facilities; chemical storage facilities; heat treat & plating facilities; automatic storage and retrieval facilities.  Hence, corporate projects encompassed myriad corporation facility needs -- both national and international.

The 25 years spent in that capacity required -- and fine-tuned -- the skills and expertise to handle not only complicated projects, but also numerous, unique design and construction challenges.  Being design-team leader for the corporate-construction management-group, required constant training and education to remain current in the ever-changing arena of advanced technology.

MDA, Ltd's unique approach to design-build architecture springs from this background.  Our approach centers around the ability to perform extremely well in the high pressure, complex industrial design arena.  We meet complicated design, schedule and budget challenges head on with a "fast-track" style.  In all our years in the profession, we have never missed a deadline!  In addition, we have monitored and controlled needless cost-overuns, by managing the "Change Order" process in a technical, timely and professional manner.

We have 25-plus years experience in the design and building of complex concrete tilt-up structures.  We have resoundingly met the needs of the sophisticated, high technology client.  MDA, Ltd., has first-hand, design-team leadership-experience on a very wide range of complex industrial and commercial projects.

In 2000, MDA, Ltd., totally redefined its business focus.  We entered the development arena on a design-build basis.  Thus, MDA-Development was created to purchase raw undeveloped land for future development purposes.  

The Boorman Peak Estates Project is the first single-family development-project under our new structure.  It is designed to attract the high-end investor concerned with improving overall quality of life.  The Boorman Peak Estates Project combines a unique blend of eastern and western architectural-features.  It endeavors to provide a consistent focus to each of the single-family residences within the scope of its design and construction.  Consistency, harmony, beauty and balance ... these are the keynotes of this Project!

It is specifically because of this "Quality of Life" theme that MDA-Development selected northwest Montana in which to select property.  As a setting for our unique approach to total design-build, northwest Montana is ideal!  As a back-drop to utilize Feng-Shui design-principles to project client wishes and focus, northwest Montana-beauty is perfect!  

It is not our intent to attract just anyone looking to improve their overall quality of life.  It is our desire to attract that SPECIAL client who can fully appreciate the natural beauty and splendor of the location.  Are you this special person?

We are looking for that SPECIAL client who enjoys the peace and tranquility that can only be created by harmonious blending.  Can you appreciate the blending of unique architectural styles, with structures that carry a consistent theme, yet maintain their own unique identity?  

Would you like to know more?  

TO LEARN MORE ABOUT MDA-Development, and our Boorman Peak Estates Project, send us an email at info@mda-development.com.  We look forward to hearing from you!


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