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Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  We love your land and would love to purchase one of your 5 acre parcels to build our dream home.  We prefer a rustic log cabin instead of your proposed Japanese architectural theme.  May we purchase the land and design and build our own log dream home?

Answer:  NO, and the reason being that it would be inconsistent with the overall site development architectural theme for Boorman Peak Estates.  It wouldn't be fair to the rest of our clients, it would also detract with the finished overall look and presentation that we are attempting to create for our unique upscale clients in our crown jewel of the last best place.  We would be happy to assist you in contacting others who would serve your interests better, as our professional contacts are extensive nationally.

Question:  We are from Asian decent and fully understand the value of Feng Shui design aspects being designed into our dream house.  Is it possible to have our own Feng Shui Master oversee the design operation.

Answer:  Yes, in some cases we would allow that, as long as the total design did not violate the basic design principles and architectural continuity of the site development concept, and further that MDA-Development was in total control of the project.  Most of our clients are not as sophisticated in that aspect whereas they have their own Feng Shui Master on retainer.  Should this be the case, please advise us and we shall do our best to work with you in creating the perfect place for your special needs.

Question:  I do not understand the importance of this Feng Shui design thing and why it should be so important to me?

Answer:  As professional Feng Shui design is essential for most Asian cultures, because the Asian cultures believe that their fortunes can be greatly enhanced, and/or diminished by the use of Feng Shui design principles.  These design principles are tried true ancient mathematical formulas that have been in existence and utilized heavily primarily in all the Asian cultures for the past two thousand plus years.  Our clients are questioned in depth as to what is important to them in their life time, and what specifically what do they want to focus on at this point in their lives.  

Every answer is totally unique to the individual client, and conversely there is no right or wrong answer.  The design is very specific to the client and their specific needs and respective interests.  Another feature to consider is that total quality appears to have more meaning to the American "baby boomer" generation since the catastrophic events of September 11, 2001 in New York City, and our nation's capitol.  People all across the world are searching their souls to reassess their value system and appear to be looking for a overall higher quality of life in their living.  This is why Feng Shui is the only answer, as it is specific to the individual client and their expressed wishes for that quality of life.

Question:  We have existing land in another part of the country and are very interested in your design concepts.  Is there any way that we can engage your firm to represent us to oversee our existing design process, and manage our project economically.  

Answer:  YES, we are set up to either assist other design professionals in other geographic regions, or to undertake the design totally by ourselves.  We structure all our documents on a aia or csi format to ensure the highest level of professionalism from your design and build team.  Please contact us at once by utilizing the "CONTACT FORM" on either the left hand side, or at the top of this page and we will be happy to respond to your inquiry in a timely fashion.  It would be helpful to us in evaluating your inquiry if you would include as much specific information pertaining to your project as you feel comfortable with sharing so that we might provide a more comprehensive answer.

Question:  How do your professional rates compare to other geographical regions?

Answer:  Excellent and should you wish a current  fee schedule please contact us and we will be happy to provide such.  Please realize that it is extremely difficult to compare apples to apples when other design build firms do not even come close to providing our unique total services.

Question:  How large is the Boorman Peak Project?  

Answer:  100 acres.

Question:  How large are the parcels being offered for sale for your design build project?  

Answer:  5 acres.  We feel that the average upscale investor would rather spend their time pursuing their own dreams, and not spending their precious time maintaining the land.  This is why, MDA-Development has already completed all the infrastructure work that includes selective thinning and pruning of the many trees, especially any diseased trees, and the disposal of all debris from that operation which can be extensive.  The client is left with a well manicured parcel that has been engineered to reflect the best interest of the client.

Question:  What is the distance from the nearest town to the project site?  

Answer:  It is approximately 4.5 miles from the western Kalispell city limits to the site entrance, and 9.1 miles from the center of Kalispell which is the intersection of US 2 and Highway 93.

Question:  What airports service your project site?

Answer:  There are two airports in close proximity to the project site.  Glacier International Airport is approximately 15 miles from the site and a private airport for smaller aircraft at the southern edge of town.  See the links page for more details.

Question:  What level of amenities can I expect in this geographical region?

Answer:  There are already two shopping malls with one more in the planning stages, a major medical facility, two large ski facilities, and excellent educational opportunities, see Project page, under local features for more details.  There is also a Links page that will connect you directly to specific sites that can answer any and all question you might have about the geographic region.  Should you have specific needs for additional information please make that known to us on our "CONTACT FORM" on either the left hand side, or the top of this page and we will respond in a timely fashion.


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