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Benefits of Feng Shui
Who Can Use Traditional Feng Shui?

Traditional Feng Shui can appear very complicated. When, where and how is it applied? Is it the sole province of Chinese mystics or can the average Westerner learn and benefit from it too? Is Feng Shui the exclusive domain of few selected wealthy and powerful or can everyone benefit from it? Could members of allied professions benefit from its knowledge trough the help of a well trained expert? Below is a listing of various professionals and how they may benefit from incorporating Traditional Feng Shui in their respective disciplines:

Architects, without abandoning their formal training, can certainly use Feng Shui as an additional tool in their design creation and offer their clients a valuable service. Feng Shui Architecture is especially effective when combined with bio-architecture, sustainable design and ergonomic design.

Interior Designers can benefit from Feng Shui's ancient system of organizing interiors in synergy with the inhabitants, creating more harmonious and comfortable homes.

Landscape Architects can increase the beneficial Chi in the properties surroundings and its potential to improve the health and prosperity of the inhabitants by designing customized landscapes in conjunction with Feng Shui principles.

Urban Planners can 'do it right from the start' by utilizing Feng Shui principles to direct public and private investment towards the most optimal site selection, building orientation and urban development design.

Construction Companies and Contractors: An excellent skill for builders, Feng Shui application during the early stages of construction can make buyers immediately comfortable in their office or dream house.

Furniture Dealers: Commonly used in the Asian community, Feng Shui has become today the most fashionable trend in interior design. The best dealers should offer this service.

Real Estate Agencies and Landlords: Most Asian buyers won't rent or buy a property unless a Feng Shui consultant has approved it. By using Feng Shui, buyers and tenants can easily discover what is behind a 'deal.' Given Feng Shui's rising popularity and effectiveness, real estate agencies and landlords would do well to use it to maintain and upgrade their properties.

Corporations and Small Businesses: Aligning their working environment with the most powerful energy available can increase employee productivity and executive managerial ability.

Private Individuals: Feng Shui helps us to improve our sleep and health, enhance our productivity and prosperity, reduce tension at home and at work, and amplify our overall potential. Feng Shui can transform mundane properties into dream houses, and slow businesses into thriving enterprises.


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